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Let us show you, how we as a husband and wife team, with our two daughters (Mckenzie is just 12 years old) run our online business and e-commerce store together.

So whether you are a family, couple or individual, we would love the opportunity to show you what we do have an amazing lifestyle thanks to ecommerce, and if your new to the online world and ecommerce, we will go as far to say, you have 100% come to the best place for help, advice, guidance and support.

If you are looking to create your own business and brand online, and or maybe expand your current business, but struggled to find ‘genuine help and advice’ from the so called entrepreneurs online, (better known as contrepreneurs or as we like to say, BS artists) we feel your pain, as we have been conned several times over the years.

This is why we are more than happy for you to visit us in person, shake our hands and look us in the eye, and we will show you exactly what we do with our online e-commerce business and brand each day.

We are that confident we can help, and can prove we are walking our talk, we do not hide behind a laptop like the contrepreneurs online do, so we are happy to meet people face to face because we know we are genuine and above board.

We have been one of the main brand leaders in our niche now for over two decades, so it is safe to say we know what we are doing and if you take us up on our offer re personally meeting us, we will show you behind the scenes exactly what we do, and the exact products we sell that have kept us all in an income and lifestyle for several years now.

So if you are interested to find out more on how to develop your own online e-commerce business and brand, with a family who will PROVE we are walking our talk, we invite you to a free live zoom call on July 31st, 8pm UK time. And yes, we will be live and you can ask your questions.


If you are new to the e-commerce world, and or struggling with your current online business, let us quickly explain to you why we are different!

What is very unique about what we do to help our friends, is we have a complete hassle free DONE FOR YOU program.

From getting your website live, helping you market your website and understanding social media (99% of people have no idea how to use social media) to even the maintenance and hosting of your website, to also guiding you with your promotional videos and images.

We will literally cover all angles for you and hold you by the hand, until you are a success!

And once you are live, we will not leave you to your own devices like other so called gurus do, we will be with you, for as long as you need us!

So we offer a completely stress free DONE FOR YOU program and system that we have not seen anyone else do online. We literally help you from start to finish, and then some, once you go live.

So if are looking to start your own ecommerce website business and or you want to start seeing success with your current online business if you are struggling, and you are absolutely sick to death watching and listening to all these so called gurus, selling a dream online…seriously we cannot listen to our 1980s music on You Tube anymore without these contrepreneurs interrupting every five minutes 🙂

So if you are looking for genuine, help and advice, from people who do not hide behind a laptop, and who are happy to see you face to face…

Check Out Below, Why We Are Unique And Different To Most.

why are we unique and different to most ?

  • DONE FOR YOU WEBSITE: Not sure what website to have, well what would you say if we were to give you the EXACT same website that we currently use that has generated millions of dollars/pounds.
  • MARKETING YOUR WEBSITE: No idea what promotional videos and or images to use. Again we have you covered, we will show you the exact videos and images to use, to have success.
  • WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: Worried about what to do when your website crashes, or you need important updates added to your platform. Again do not worry, we have you covered.
  • WAREHOUSING: Worried about warehousing, again we have you covered. Obviously you are not obligated but you would be most welcome to use our warehouse, at a fraction of the cost and hassle of most places.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Are you like 99% of people and using social media in the wrong way? Well let us teach you how to use social media the correct way, and grow your followers.
  • MISCELLENEOUS: We obviously cannot mention everything we offer and can help you with on this page with our DONE FOR YOU program, so on our live zoom chat, we will explain even more what we can do, to help you become a success with your own online ecommerce business and website.

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